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Returns Policy

Why don’t you open a shoppe near us?

We would love to open another shoppe to serve our customers. The environment isn’t viable enough to support a brick and mortar speciality business such as this. In today's market place the challenge is how to compete against large online companies that do not charge sales tax and have hijacked the shipping companies into lower freight expenses than the average small business pays for shipping expense.

Frequently asked questions

How long will take for my special order to arrive?

Special orders can take 1 to 15 days depending on the item or items.  Books on the average of two working days. Special medallions may take longer, depends on supplier and their on hand inventory. Rule of thumb is up to 15 days.

Why don’t you stock more jewelry?

With the price of gold and silver constantly changing it would be difficult for us to carry a large inventory of precious metal jewelry. Instead we offer quick response time when items are ordered from our suppliers catalogue.

Why don’t you negotiate your in shoppe prices?

Each item in the shoppe must have shipping, stocking and handling costs added to the retail price before it’s offered for sale. The profit margin on our inventory is kept as low as possible yet enough to help pay the expenses to keep the store open for business.

Are the owners in recovery?

Both owners are friends and supporters of all twelve step programs. One has been a friend of Bills  since 1985.

A majority of our products come to us from the “cottage industry”. People in recovery who are developing and manufacturing items of interest to the various programs. This is done in their homes or small shops.  Our aim is to find and select those items of quality, good taste and dependability to place in our inventory. From time to time one of these items may fail to meet our customers expectations, or brake during shipping. We will be glad to replace, or refund, the purchase price within thirty days based on sales receipt date.



Why does your conference approved literature cost us more than our inter group or area?

We purchase conference materials from the various world service offices.  Since we have to pay for shipping and handling, plus other business expenses, there must be a modest markup to the original amount to cover those costs. We carry these items as a convenience to our customers.  We suggest if your purchasing for a group a visit to your local intergroup, or area would be best.